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Tabular Display

"Straightforward three-tab display organizes results, starting with the most frequently replaced parts and the most common fix. See the answers you need at-a-glance so you get the fast route to a diagnosis and repair."

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Common Replaced Parts

"Which part is actually the root cause of the problem? This panel shows the results from successful repairs. See which parts are most frequently replaced to complete the repair for symptoms, fault codes and vehicles similar to the one in your bay."


Experience Tips

"Learn what has worked for other techs like you. Knowledge harvested through completed repair orders from hundreds of thousands of shops and technicians across the country, validated by Snap-on experts."


Guided Component Tests

"Guided tests are specific for each component and each vehicle, so you get a confident diagnosis. Includes component operational description, best test location and connection diagrams for quick results."


Waveform & Graph Images

"No simulations here – this comprehensive collection of test results is gathered through actual on-vehicle tests, so you know exactly what to look for. Data graphs and scope waveforms provide a point of reference to verify faulty parts."

We Have Answers
Real Fix 12,711,627
Tip 1,378,285
Test & Procedures(CTM) 367,606
Waveform/PID graph 42,172
TOTAL 14,499,690
Latest Fixes
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tibo71 fixed a 1987 Ford Bronco 5.0 with this problem: Will not shift out of park
Latest Questions
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Snowauto asked a question about a 2007 GMC Sierra Classic 3500 8.1 with this message: 2007 C4500 8.1L No Start What else can cause us to lose RPM and Spark with the ENTIRE system replaced less the actual connectors with test ok?
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